I live under a thatched roof  in a village near Reading,  West Berkshire with my husband. We also share our home with 2 dogs & too many to count wild squirrels !

When I’m not behind my camera, you’ll find me out walking in the woods with the dogs,  tackling a project in the ongoing restoration of our cottage, or daydreaming about rooms with straight corners  & higher ceilings:-)


I’ve loved being creative for as long as I can remember. Later in life as a mature student I studied Art, Design, Graphic Design & Photography at Ravensbourne, where I spent many hours in darkrooms exposing & printing.

My very first camera was a Zenith SLR & from the moment I captured my baby son’s expressions I was hooked!

And ….

I have a small but perfectly formed private studio at home where I undertake projects when I’m not at a wedding or out on location.

I converted part of the cottage into this lovely creative space where I can try out lighting, take portraits & generally indulge my creativity…..

I’m a hopeless romantic with an empathetic soul. I’m told that my gentle style of direction results in persuading even the most reluctant person to relax in front of my lens, enough to enjoy the experience & even like their images !

When that happens it’s the best day ever !

A person trusts another when they feel that they can be vulnerable and everything will be alright.

I read that somewhere & it really struck a chord with me. I think it’s true. So to get the best, natural photographs of you enjoying your day I’ll need you to trust me. So from the very beginning I’ll work with you to carefully build that trust.

Here’s a bit more more about me …..


I have an inherent addiction to 1970’s disco & on becoming a teenager in the (late) 1980’s I developed a passion for Wham, tie dyed denim, batwing jumpers  & the New Romantics. I no longer have the 80’s perm but I’ve still got my 1980’s Polaroid camera & music collection !


I met my best friend, soulmate & husband by volunteering as crew for the boat he was competing on in Cowes week regatta. We crashed the boat at the starting line, the following day ! Contrary to marine superstition he still says I’m lucky !

More dogs

Rafiki our rescue dog from Cyprus & Pippa an ex breeding Springer Spaniel also a rescue, now call our cottage home. Since they’ve arrived we no longer own a sofa thats ‘unchewed’.

I love that we ‘fixed’ their tails, both of which now wag happily!


I think good music is best heard when played loud & live. Live concerts so far for me include Bruce Springsteen, RHCP,  Prince, Simple Minds, Joss Stone, Kings of Leon, Travis & a few more …

I’ve rocked to the RHCP at the IOW Festival but Glasto is still on my hit list !

Really, genuinely I do love what I do ………

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